WISGR by Guklabs Developer: More than Bastion?

I have been into gaming since I was 9, started with PS1 owned by my cousins and now I've been playing those games both on pc and console. I was so absorbed by it and never wanted to go home at that time. In return, my parents did not allow me to owned one until my brother born. Even though I am not a pro gamer who knows nothing about pc specs, I enjoy playing games as much as I read a book. Me, especially, love games who has great plot stories and beautiful riddles to play with. Most of those characteristics are found in action adventure games. So I always longing for new action adventure games. PS: I am a big fan of assassins creeds franchise and resident evil.

I always believed that action adventure has much more great stories even compared with movies. That is why even when I do not have time to play by myself, I always watch a walkthrough on youtube. Indeed, when we play action adventure games, it needs more concentration, agility, and speed to play. We need to be a wit person by any means. It is all because our option will decide everything on the games. Not to mention the bad ending, tho lol. In its development, action adventure is divided into two sub-categories which is survival horror and Metroidvania (puzzle adventures). If you ask me what is my preference among those two, I completely can not simply answer it. It is really a hard question for me. How about you? 

Other than that, I found it really hard to find a good action adventure game that offers me something different and unique. Especially developed by Indonesian developer. Once I know Indonesian developer made an action adventure game, it is a survival horror game which we know DreadOut. Besides that, I have no idea what else Indonesian developer made in term of pc based action adventures game. 

Fortunately, Indonesia game developers named Guklabs soon will release WISGR Action Adventure games. With a little bit of research here and there, I found that Guklabs want to enter Indonesia and international market with WISGR, which is awesome. A lot of reviews from both of local and global gamers believed that WISGR will surpass Bastion Game and provide gamers different things from bastion game. As we all know, Bastion game is really strong in its stories, characters, and the surprise element throughout the game. Different from that, WISGR by Guklabs game developer will deliver its original story in which you never saw before, has interesting twist plot, and lots of riddles that you may not guess before.  

To be honest, when I heard this news, I am completely sold on WISGR. Not only because this is my kind of tea, but also WISGR is a PC game that is made by Indonesian game developer. From what I've known, Indonesian developers rarely focusing on developing this kind of game. They mostly focus on developing mobile games. I think this is a good chance for them to show what they've got towards both of market and gamers. The demands on action adventure games are also high both in Indonesia and international market. Thus the niche and the market is there.

One thing that made me worry is that the Guklabs haven't published the time released yet. I am hoping this game will be my holiday present. So, we as players need to wait little more and patiently until this game released.

In a meantime, what do you think about this game? Are you ready to play it?


  1. until now I still do not understand how have fun to play some games. which makes me enjoy is onet and other kinda silly games. Lol

  2. perkembangan game terus berkembang yah, memanjakan para gamers, kalau saya memang tidak terlalu hobi main game, soalnya suka kalah terus hehehe

  3. saya juga tak terlalu suka main game, hmmm kalau pembuatnya orang Indonesia, semoga saja ada nilai Indonesia-nya yang diangkat, entah itu dari kostume, maupun setting tempatnya...

  4. sekarang aku lagi mengamati game game yang lagi booming jarang banget bisa tahan lama tanpa adanya promosi online dan gimmick menarik. jaman dulu aku main ayodance ya karna suka aja, jaman sekarang malah lebih ke ngejar hadiah timbang menikmati gamenya

  5. I know ps1 at age 12 and i like RPG, such Final Fantasy

    Resident evil series is great too

    But you must know the great game in PS1 is Bishi Bashi Special hahah

  6. Sure, i ain't know about games hehehehheee

    I just know the names of them, like Mobile Legend, plant vs zombie, candy crush saga, alien shooter etc

    I know the names form my bro who do like games, hmmmmm. May be one day i should try to play one of them

  7. I don't know about this game..
    My favorite game is football whatever it plays from pc or ps2/ps3 ,i always play game football. Sometimes i play with my friends, sometimes i played it alone..

    Although, when i need something to push my mood, i play black. Black is a game genre arcade/strategy,

  8. Honestly, I don't know about this game and I don't like playing a game. My son love playing game , like mobile legend, minecraft and candy crush.
    I prefer watching film than play the game.

  9. Aku blm siap main game lagi, hahaha

    Terus terang, aku kalau lg suka game itu gampang buat kecanduan. Akhir2 ini kerjaan lg banyak. Jd gamenya stop dulu

  10. Hmmm, honestley I dont understand anything about gaming hehe.
    But since I hear your story I think WISGR will be a booming game in Indonesia, especially in "kids zaman now" world :D
    Thanks for sharing the info about it :D

  11. Aku gak suka main game. Sukanya nonton drakor *eh... Hahahaha..
    Tapi mendengar indonesia punya game developer itu baru kali ini dan bangga banget. Semoga bisa lebih baik daripada upin ipin

    1. Astaga so sorry kenapa aku tulis upin ipin dan publish. Gegara aku sambil ngobrolin upin sama anakku. Maksudnya teh mau nulis semoga lebih baik ke depannya.. Hahaha maapin..

  12. Selama ini maingame cuma iseng..sekedar melepas kejenuhan...iseng .gak ada yg diseriusin kalo namanya..game..

    Jadi gak paham banget soal game ..palingan Solitaire..😀

  13. Swlama ini gak suka main game. Jadi kalau ditanya masalah game bingung juga harus gimana

  14. Wow, Guklabs by Indonesia game developer. I think it will be inspiration for another developers. But I don't like play games. hehehe. So I can't make any comment about how fun to play it :D

  15. Guklabs its very nice game yang ingin dibuat nantinya pasti seru bgt nih game yang ingin di keluarkan oleh guklabs penasaran sih ama game gamenya nanti

  16. I'm interesting with WISGR Action Adventure games, I want wait for it. Especcialy from Indonesia Game Developer will make me fun to play the games.

  17. Gamenya bagus. Patut di coba, nungu dulu sih banyak wishlist eheueu


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