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An Odd Superstition

Ever since five years ago, I believe that new year, new me is bullshit. I know, lots of people still believe that new year is a new page and new beginning for them. However, it is not a case for me. I would say that new year is just a parameter to count how many times you've been sucking and how many times you've been surviving. In other words, a new year is just accumulation of upcoming regular day.  I don't blame people who partying on new year eve, but I just don't understand why they celebrating for something that still uncertain. Or maybe, they celebrating new year eve because they want to become alive before they finally realized that life gives them a lemon. 
In fact, I must say that I kinda believe in some odd superstition about a new year. I don't remember since when I believe in that kind of things. But one thing that I am sure, I don't match with odd years.  Confused? Here is the example :  I'm not lucky if turn into an odd age. For example, Whe…

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