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I Have Dreams, and Now I Realize.

I have a lot of dreams. 
Since I was a kid, I always thought that if I have dreams, someday I would make it real. With that thought, me as a kid always thought that if I just did better and without any burden then I could do anything. I started to gain my confidence. I started to think that life never been so hard and never failed me. Even sometimes lot of people stared at me like I am crazy, overconfidence, and ambitious; I just did not care. Then I grew up being a child with her dreams. In fact, there was also a time when I look down a lot of people due to that. I made her cry, I made her had no friends, and I made her thinking that I am greater than her which was completely bullshit and wrong. I was so young, so dumb, so naive, so sucks. I never knew what I was doing is wrong until I was on her shoes. I cried, had no friends, living crazy life, and had no confidence. That time, I thought everything that I've hold onto was being taken out from me. I was angry, both to myself an…

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